What is Counselling & How Can it Help?

Looking for an experienced counsellor?

I am a professionally qualified, experienced counsellor: I work as a Student Counsellor in Higher Education and a Psychological Therapist in a Complex Care team in the NHS and a Counsellor in Private Practice. I have also worked in Further Education, the Voluntary Sector and a GP Surgery in Primary Care.

Counselling can help you when:

  • You feel depressed, anxious or stressed
  • You have difficulty with relationships
  • You live with an eating disorder
  • You have experienced loss, bereavement or trauma
  • You are confused about your sexuality
  • You are troubled by anger, at work or at home
  • Something difficult has happened which you have been unable to discuss with anyone
  • You have little confidence in yourself.

Counselling treatments to suit your needs

  • Consultation 1-2 sessions
  • Brief counselling 1-6 sessions
  • Short-term work 1-16 sessions
  • Long term counselling 0 – 1 year

Looking for someone to talk to about:?

Anxiety, Bereavement, Consultation, Depression, Emotional Distress, Personal Relationships and Self Esteem

More about me

I am a professionally qualified and experienced counsellor working within BACP ethical guidelines. I have counselling expertise to deal with a range of emotional and psychological issues such as Anxiety, Bereavement, Consultation, Depression, Emotional Distress,

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Counselling can help you with challenges in your life, such as, bereavement, divorce or redundancy. It can also help if you are feeling dissatisfied and unhappy at work, at home or in a relationship. It is beneficial too,

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